Michael Ingrassia

Curriculum Vitae


Senior Software Engineer with Apple specializing in mobile and embedded platforms. Created operating system components and applications that run on hundreds of millions of devices used around the world. Creative professional who has been successful in every phase of evolving a technology from an initial idea to a final product. Served as a specification author for international standards bodies. Led development teams. Mentored new engineers. Granted thirty-two software patents in the United States with twenty-two additional public patent applications pending. Hands-on individual who likes to develop new products and technologies in a creative and collaborative environment.


Senior Software Engineer, March 2008 to present
Apple Inc.; Cupertino, CA

Currently a member of the iOS Performance team.

Worked on five generations of the iPod nano and two generations of the iPod classic.

Lead developer of Apple's first touch-based radio application.

Implemented new text rendering and font management subsystem for the iPod nano.

Worked on iPod Out for the nano.

Implemented Voice Memos on 4th generation nano. Introduced new features such as chapter marking and labels.

Created the anisotropic knobs used in the iOS 6 Music App's Now Playing.

Actively involved with prototyping new product ideas and features on both iOS and RTXC.

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, April 2006 to February 2008
Motorola, Mobile Devices: Mobile User Experience Technologies; Sunnyvale, CA

Created a new UI framework based on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), JavaScript, and proprietary XML based application markup. This UI framework is being used on Motorola's Linux based mobile devices. It greatly simplifies application development and reduces time to market. Lead architect for the vector graphics based rendering engine that is used across the platform by the UI framework, web browser, etc.

Research Engineer, October 2002 to March 2006
Nokia, Research Center: Multimedia Laboratory; Dallas, TX

Architected a cross-platform Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) rendering engine. This engine was deployed on numerous Nokia products and was part of publicly available Windows-based SDKs. Saved Nokia development time and cost by having a cross-platform rendering engine with single core code base.

Technical lead for the design and implementation of the JSR 226 reference implementation. JSR 226 is a Java API for rendering scalable 2D vector graphics. The main code base for JSR 226 is deployed in S40 Nokia products and the Windows based SDK is publicly available for download on Forum Nokia.

Senior Software Design Engineer, August 2000 to October 2002
Nokia, Location Business Unit: Products Division; Dallas, TX

Developed the Enabling Mobile Location Center (EMLC) product as part of Nokia's mPosition solution for location-based services. The EMLC is a middleware server that plays a central role in enabling location-based services by processing information about a subscriber's location and providing this information to application service providers. The EMLC enhances privacy and security for the end-user while allowing operators to control the services offered within the mobile network.

Developed the Serving Mobile Location Center (SMLC) product as part of Nokia's mPosition solution. The SMLC is a server that computes the location of a mobile subscriber's handset based on cell id and other network measurement data.

Software Design Engineer, September 1998 to May 2000
ObjectSpace, Consulting Services Division; Dallas, TX

Software Engineer for a leading mobile phone supplier and a leading supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks. Assisted in the design, development, and implementation of their first location based wireless Internet services pilot.

Software Engineer for the world's largest owner and operator of golf courses, private clubs, and resorts. Assisted in the design, development, and implementation of a nationally distributed enterprise level club management application.

Designed and implemented a Java/XML based testing framework that was later adopted by the Consulting division as the standard testing framework.

Assisted in the authoring of the company's Java Language Assessment entrance exam.

Software Engineer, February 1996 to August 1998
NCR, Communications Systems Division: Electronic Commerce Solutions; Woodbridge, NJ

Lead Developer of SmartEC Connect, NCR's first electronic commerce solution that bridged Internet Customer Care with conventional Call Centers. Designed and implemented all server side components of this product. Oversaw all client-related implementation and mentored the other developers. Responsible for all ISO 9001 design and development documentation.

Lead Developer of the Customer Data Store OLE Server, a component of the Call Center Application Development Environment (CCADE). Based on the concept of customer session and history, this component managed file storage and retrieval of information in a database. Responsible for all ISO 9001 design and development documentation.

Developer/Lead Tester of the Computer Telephony ActiveX Controls, a subset of call center development tools used by NCR Professional Services to develop CTI based call center solutions. Created and executed approximately 300 test cases (both automated and manual).


Public Patent Applications

Publications and Conferences


Master of Science, May 2006
Southern Methodist University; Dallas, TX
Major: Computer Science
Emphasis: Software Architecture/Computer Graphics

Bachelor of Science, August 1995
Florida State University; Tallahassee, FL
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics


Personal and professional references available upon request.